Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Allways Leiebiler wants you to have confidence in us, and how we treat your privacy information. In this privacy policy we will explain why we collect this information about you, how we use this information, and how we consider your privacy.

Privacy information is information and considerations that can be tied to an identifiable individual. This can be for example name, contact information, and rental history.

Usage of privacy information must follow the law of privacy policy. We, who handles your data. will make sure that we use your privacy information about you in accordance to the law.

2. What privacy information do we have about you

Depending on the information you give us, how you use our services, and what permissions you give us, we have this information about you:

  • Information about you: The information you give when you make a booking or renting a car, such as name, address, telephone number, drivers license, and email-address.
  • Purchase information: The information you give when renting a car from us, such as what you paid, payment method (VISA. etc.) and drivers license. By request, we can provide this information.
  • Communication: The information you give when you contact our customer support, such as emails and/or text messages.
  • Information about web site usage: The information we get when you use our web site, such as what device you are using (Mobile, desktop), IP-address, what pages you visit, and it’s functions.

3. What do we use your privacy information to

We use your privacy information for the purpose of the following:

  1. Make a booking: We use your information to carry out your purchase of a rental car, to send you a receipt, take payment, and store purchase history.
  2. Adding a customer account: We use you your information when you create a customer account, to store your contact information and payment information, so that you can see your purchase history.
  3. Customer service: We store your information which you give and recieve if you have contacted us to handle your customer relationship with us.
  4. Statistics: We store statistics and map marketing trends to improve and develop our products and services. As far it is possible we will do this anonymously, without that the information is not tied specifically to you.

The legal purpose of section 1 and 4 is of our intereste to offer, redevelop, and market our services.

The legal purpose of section 2, 3, and 4, is to fulfill our contract with you.

4. Who do we share the information with

We share the privacy information with companies that handles technical and administrative services, such as IT and accounting.

We can supply this information in individual cases, to government official sources, in suspect of breaking the law.

However we can share anonymized information with cooperrative partners, for market analysis and product redevelopment.

5. How long do we store your privacy information

We store your privacy information about you, as long as it is necessary to achieve the purpose it was created for, or if we are obligated to store this information. The information will be deleted or anonymized when it’s no longer necessary to achieve it’s purpose. Below is an overview for how long we store this information.

  • Information about you: If you have created a customer account with us, we will delete your information if it’s been active for 13 years or longer. This is according to the period in which you can claim demands from us, called statute of limitations.
  • Purchase information: If you have a customer account with us, we store your purchase history (overview of what rental cars you’ve had, bookings, cancellations) in your account. We store transactions and purchase history in 5 years according to the law of book keeping.
  • Information about web site usage: We store your information on your usage on our web site up to 6 months.
  • Communication: We store your communication with our customers for three years, unless we need to extend the period, for customer complaints or demands.

6. Your rights

You have the right to ask of us:

  • Give you further information about how we use your privacy information
  • Give you a copy of our stored privacy information about you.
  • Update your privacy information.
  • Delete information that we don’t have a basis to keep.
  • Limit or stop the handling of your privacy information.
  • Give you the information we have about you in a structured, commonly used and computer readable format, wherever it is technically possible, to transfer this to another company.
  • Withdraw any agreements you’ve give us.

Be aware that there is limitiations to these rights. Contact us if you want any more information about this.

If you think that we tread your privacy information in violation of the privacy policy, it is in your right to complain to the Norwegian office of Datatilsynet. Before you eventually do this, we would like you to contact us, so that we can answer your questions or clear up any misunderstandings.

7. Cookies use cookies as most of the web sites use in accordance to Norwegian law. A cookia is a small data file that is stored on your web browsers internal memory, to give you a better and more relevant user experience when you visit a web site. We use cookis for statistics and to give you more relevant content when you visit our web site.

Cookies store information about what web browser you use, your internet provider, what pages you’ve visited, and for how long you visited them. We can not identify you as a person, unless you make a booking with contact information.

If you choose to avoid the use of cookies you can change these settings on your web browser.

8. Changes to the privacy policy

At any given time we can update our privacy policy. You will always find the lates privacy policy on our web site.

9. Contact info

Name: Einar Halvorsen
Telephone: +47 924 15 000
Address: Kjøpmannsgata 73, 7010 Trondheim, Norway