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Are there winter tyres on the rental car?

How can Allways Rental cars have so much lower prices than it's competitors?

How do I pay and are there any hidden costs?

What do I need to bring with me at pickup of the rental car?

Is there an extra charge for cancelling a booking?

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AllWays Car Rental offers top-notch, reliable cars at the lowest cost in Trondheim. Choose the car that meets your demands and place your order today! 

AllWays Car Rental—lowest cost in town 

In every price range, AllWays Car Rental has the cheapest rental cars in Trondheim. Simply because our local ownership has allowed us to negotiate favourable acquisition deals with local car dealers. Our terms are easy to understand and follow. We do not impose any hidden costs. 

AllWays Car Rental can offer a wide range of cars to meet your needs – from the smallest, neat city cars to spacious station wagons, SUVs and vans, and eye-catching luxury cars. We guarantee that our cars are always nice and clean, keeping an impeccable technical condition.  

Pick up your car in Trondheim City Centre 

If you choose AllWays, you can easily pick up our car in the city centre. AllWays Car Rental is located in the car parking basement at the Royal Garden Hotel. The hotel is served by the airport bus service, whilst located in a short walking distance from Trondheim Central Station. 

You might want to read our frequently asked questions. If we can help you in any way, do not hesitate to contact us.